Hello and Welcome to my Personal Page: I'm Bob Lawrason and I am semi retired but do run a part-time business just to keep busy. It's called Specialty Vehicle Appraisers, you can read all about it on my business website - http://www.specialtyvehicleappraisers.com Most of my other free time is spent on my hobbies - Motorcycles, Hot Rods and Guitars. I belong to a Veterans Motorcycle Club called Commandos MC and I ride a 1998 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Old School Trike. I also spend time driving my 1983 Mercury Capri. When I have time I sit around and play my bass: A 2006 Gibson EB-3 SG. I played bass guitar professionally and travelled North America playing for 12 years during the 70's and early 80's.

I began riding a motorcycle in the late 1960"s, my first bike was a 1960 Matchless. Over the years I have owned and or rode just about every make and model. My favorite now is my current trike, a Harley Davidson Fat Boy Trike.


I have also had many custom cars & hot rods, my current is a modified 1983 Mercury Capri


I began my music career in early 1970 playing a Gibson EB-3 Bass guitar in a touring rock band. I toured and played professionaly until around 1981. I have been playing various basses since then, I now am finishing my career with a Gibson EB-3 and will play whenever possible in local jams and open mics.


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